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The Future of Storage Solutions

The digital world now leans heavily towards cloud for storage and computing. Businesses are moving towards cloud because of its ability to easily make data accessible to you in no time from anywhere on the globe if you are connected to the internet. Client and employee interactions have become smoother and project progress can easily be shared with the leadership team and with clients using the cloud.

So we can say that the future of storage includes a lot of solutions which help you leverage the benefits of cloud storage. At this time, IT Infra Care offers advice on cloud storage solutions and high-quality equipment designed for general purpose storage, data protection through backups and network-attached storage devices.


Storage for SMEs

For CTOS and IT managers working with SMEs, the first big question is whether data should be stored locally or on the cloud. While cloud has easily removed the challenge of having to work with equipment that can prematurely get obsolete, there are certain companies that still rely on local data storage for their own reasons.

  • Your preference for local or cloud storage will depend a lot on your business requirements. We can provide consultation for storage solutions.
  • Storage is a crucial part of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, the right solutions help you address DR and BCP more effectively.
  • Choose equipment which makes daily computing smooth and improves data accessibility for your employees
  • Remain compliant in terms of data privacy and confidentiality by using equipment that promotes data security.

Storage for Enterprises

Any organization that reaches the enterprise level has to consider the way data is stored and managed on a daily basis. Understanding which equipment will be most useful in storing data and improving overall network efficiency is crucial for corporations.

  • Data can quickly become unmanageable when you start scaling up your business. Right storage equipment helps you solve this problem.
  • Unified storage systems where SAN and NAS storage systems are used in an integrated way is ideal for high-performing networks.
  • Using equipment which will be useful as you scale up your business is important.
  • Working with large quantities of data will also require corporations to increase security if sensitive data is being stored locally.

Storage Security

Cyberattacks are a bigger problem today than they were before because of the extent of data that we store now. DDoS attacks, malware, phishing scams and even employee grudges are a risk for the data your company stores. Handling security breaches requires prompt thinking and quick actions.

  • Many products come with inbuilt security systems which can enhance the overall security of data stored in those systems.
  • In addition to this, you should have a strong IT infrastructure which is built to minimize security threats and attacks
  • Running predictive analytics to counter cyberattacks can be helpful in strengthening existing security protocols
  • Regular data backup also saves companies a lot of time and effort in recovering from a cyberattack.

Data storage management

Managing and analyzing volumes of data created everyday in an organization is challenging. Even though a lot of data has extensive value, businesses may not completely utilize them because this data exists in an unstructured way. Data management helps you solve these problems to some extent.

  • In recent years AI analysis of data has improved data management to a certain extent
  • We still need analysts and data scientists to perform a lot of tasks to make data comprehensible
  • High-quality storage equipment makes it possible for businesses to access data anytime without worrying about downtime problems
  • Well-managed data is easily accessible, secure and backed up

Local or cloud storage

IT teams, small businesses, and even big corporations have found the choice between local and cloud storage to be a tough one. But hybrid environments have made this choice a lot easier. You can decide which type of data or data from which applications should live on the cloud and what kind of data should stay on local storage equipment.

  • Hybrid solutions are used by most businesses because they provide you with the ease and flexibility of cloud storage and the security of local storage.
  • Business critical data is mostly stored locally but many companies are now using cloud for such data because cloud providers have been strengthening their security protocols too.
  • Since cloud storage providers have certain SLAs you may experience fewer problems with downtime
  • In local data storage as well a combination of HDDs and SDDs can help you achieve high performance on the network.
Frequently Asked Question

01 How will storage virtualization impact my business?

Storage virtualization offers a lot more potential in centralizing management of data and bringing together different IT environments to help you benefit from higher capacity and lower costs.

02 Can you help me with hybrid cloud storage solutions?

Our team of cloud strategists can work with you to discuss a variety of cloud storage solutions that can be useful for your business.

03 How secure are your storage equipment?

All our equipment comes from Dell, which is one of the best known IT equipment provider. These devices are designed for high security and excellent performance.

04 Do you have good products for long time archiving?

Yes we have a lot of storage solutions designed for a long time archiving. If you are not sure about the equipment, please email us at-  and we will be happy to offer consultation services for the right storage products for your business.

05 Can you deploy the storage solutions for me?

Yes we can help you deploy the storage solutions at an additional cost for the professional installation services.