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Desktops have changed the face of business

Desktops have revolutionized business as a whole connecting people from different geographical regions just by the click of a button. Desktops also have features like fingerprint scanners and special chips, which help in protecting important information within them.

Many of our clients have come to us for suggestions about desktops and portability services about desktops. Laptops are slowly and steadily helping companies start remote work, but it brings about problems pertaining to security and higher risks of fraud taking place.

Desktops for business

Business offices require well-functioning systems which will provide good performance even in high pressure.

  • Different choices of desktops which have good performance and have high durability.
  • Desktops from reputed brands that will help you in meeting your business goals
  • A variety of customization options to achieve the right computing power
  • Choice of pre-installed software products based on your business requirements.

Desktop Customization

Business desktops, along with gaming desktops, are designed keeping room to customize them according to each person’s needs.

  • Desktops are customized to ensure that the performance should not be dropped even in extreme conditions.
  • In most cases, for gaming desktops, the RAM is changed, or a graphic card is added to improve its performance. A business desktop will require more storage space as well as well-functioning RAM.
  • Our team will help you customize your desktop according to your needs.
  • Our brilliant team will guide you about which products can be customized and which cannot be.
  • Customization can help increase the performance, durability, and overall life of your desktop.

Customer Service for desktops

We have an after-sales support team which will guide you in answering different questions and queries about your new desktop.

  • Solve problems faced in setting up your desktop by contacting our vastly experienced customer services team.
  • Provide Desktops from reputed brands and help in troubleshooting any problems faced.
  • If you contact one of our customer care services, we will ensure that you have a good experience.

Gaming Pc’s

Gamers require a heavy-duty desktop, which can meet the demands of high octane first-person shooter games to story mode games. A good gaming desktop needs to have high-end graphics and sound and a heavy-duty processor.

  • Provide gamers with a wide array of options to choose from.
  • Help customize your desktop by fitting in one or more graphics cards or a higher performance RAM.
  • Provide many other customizations for gaming desktops depending on your wishes.
  • After-sales support for our products, free hardware upgrades, and extended warranties on the products.

Desktops for personal use

Personal use desktops are appealing to the eye as they are used as an entertainment option or as a hobby for short periods during the day. These desktops are built keeping in mind user requirements along with design sensibilities.

  • Personal use desktops are perfect for people who don’t use desktops for long periods during the day.
  • These desktops are usually quite vibrant and eye-catching to meet the preferences of different users.
  • We provide hardware warranty and after-sales troubleshooting/setting up support.
  • We believe in providing our customers with reliable products and the best services possible.
Frequently Asked Question

01 Can you help me select a desktop?

Yes, with the help of our experienced team, we can help you in selecting a desktop among various reputed brands according to your price range and requirements. Our team will also explain how to set up the system using quick and easy steps. We also thrive in providing leads to the infrastructural and network setup.

02 Can Desktops be customized?

Yes, desktops can be customized to upgrade the speed of the RAM or to increase the storage capacity of the hard disk. In certain instances, graphic cards can be added to improve the overall performance. Contact us to get more insights on customization.

03 Can you help in the process of installation of my desktop?

No, we don’t provide installation services for desktops.

04 What discounts can you offer?

    We have special discounts and events going on from time to time, especially during festive seasons. If you want to stay updated with any offers and discounts, then contact us at support@itinfracare.com.

    05 Are the products sold under warranty?

    Yes, all the products have a manufacturer’s warranty. If you are facing any problems with the product as long as it is in warranty, you can contact us.

    06 What is a hardware warranty?

    Hardware warranty covers irregularities in products caused due to workmanship and material used. When repair is not an option, the product is replaced. However, this solely depends on whether the product is in warranty.

    07 Can you explain about hardware support?

    Hardware support helps you in setting up or troubleshooting your device through telephonic or online communication. It also provides free hardware warranty upgrades. It also helps in the sale of all the parts, excluding certain maintenance contracts, which can involve additional costs.