Reliable IT support

IT support services are an integral part of your day to day functioning of your business. As IT infrastructures become more complex and integrated, in-house IT teams have found it easier to rely on outsourced support services for special IT skills.

Our team can work as an extension of your company’s IT team, or we can handle the entire IT requirements for your business including round the clock support.

Flexible plans

Based on the extent of support required by your business you can choose from a variety of flexible support plans.

Sound knowledge

We have extensive knowledge about different IT infrastructures, hardware, software, and technologies to easily support you for IT problems.

Networking experience

Our team had experience in networking to make sure that we can quickly guide you or your IT teams when you reach out to us for support


Systems are monitored for usage and patterns on how data moves on the network to optimize your It architecture.

Effective Handling of Threats

Threats are identified and handled quickly to reduce system infections and we take proactive steps to reduce such threats in the future

Scalability Planning

Our support team helps you plan and scale your infrastructure in a way that it is cost-efficient and productive for your company.


Data Analytics

We help with observation of data as it moves across several layers of your It infrastructure and we investigate patterns to improve accessibility and efficiency of the systems.

Patching and Maintenance

Maintaining and updating your software to reduce security threats and prevent hackers from infecting the system

IT support for SMEs

Our IT support for SMEs encompasses everything from help for networking and emails to setting up new equipment and remote users.

  • We are trusted by many clients for prompt support
  • Your business can reduce costs by using our IT support services
  • We are available round the clock to help you with IT issues
  • A dedicated account manager will be available as your single point of contact
IT support for Enterprises

When it comes to enterprise solutions, IT infrastructures are often more complex and may require deeper knowledge of different environments.

  • Support for different operating systems, various hardware and even remote users
  • Help with problems in your networking infrastructure including routers, switches and WAPs
  • We can set up remote users and help you with any problems faced by remote users
  • The systems will be monitored and regular reports will be shared
Onsite support

Our onsite IT support team provides you with help on all kinds of IT issues by being available on the site as per your company’s requirements

  • Having onsite IT support gives you benefits of quickly solving problems and getting back to business as usual
  • Updating and maintaining your infrastructure becomes easier
  • New hardware and software can be effortlessly installed
  • Proactive audits to check efficiency of the IT infrastructure
Offshore support

With a highly experienced team of professionals we also provide offshore support to several companies around the globe.

  • Support is provided remotely by guiding you on the phone, email or by accessing your systems remotely
  • Round the clock help is available for all kinds of IT problems
  • This is ideal for companies with an in-house IT team who are looking for additional help or specialized skills
  • A dedicated account engineer will provide you with regular updates for any open problems
Ad-hoc support

Sometimes, your company may require ad-hoc IT support for a small period of time or to hire professional support with specialized skills. Some see it as an ideal solution for small businesses, but we have worked with many enterprises who require ad-hoc support from time to time as well.

  • Reliable professionals put together in a team based on your IT requirements
  • Critical issues fixed quickly to help you resume work
  • We can complete large scale new installations and setups to help you get started at a new office
  • Our ad-hoc support team can always provide you with advice regarding the existing network and environments
Frequently Asked Question

01 How does your support desk work?

As soon as we receive any communication from you or your company about an IT-related problem, our team quickly puts together the best minds for solving the problem and reaches out to you with a solution and an expected time for solving the problem.

02 How quickly will my IT problems be solved?

Based on the complexity of your network and the problem that has to be solved it can take anything from a few minutes to four hours to resolve the issue.

03 How do you handle communications for open issues?

If any problem takes longer to resolve, your dedicated account manager will keep you updated on the progress and inform you as soon as the issue has been resolved.

04 How much will it cost me?

IT support takes a lot of factors into account before discussing costs. We have flexible support plans that you can choose from based on your requirements

05 Will I have a contract with your company?

Our support plans do not tie you in any contract. We will however sign an agreement with your company regarding a notice for the termination of our services.