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Server equipment’s that supports a high–performance computing

Any data stored in the server rooms built inside your company will require the correct server equipment to be able to process all the data and to remain compliant to the company policies and industry standards. Your IT team should be able to easily access the servers for repair and maintenance work. Additionally, since data at rest and in transition can hold a lot of importance, it should be safeguarded from physical breach by maintaining security outside and inside the server room.

A well planned server room will also make adequate space for all the cables in the room and consider using adequate measures to keep the place cool and dry. This may require the use of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and a thermometer. The right equipment helps your server room function optimally and improves the performance of your entire network.

Servers for SMEs

Many small businesses do not completely recognize the importance of servers unless they start growing. With expansion comes the need to organize the digital business more effectively in order to improve resource efficiency and have access to data easily. Servers make this possible

  • Easily backup your systems to minimize risks of data loss
  • Redundant hardware for critical internal devices for operational productivity when a component fails
  • Make team collaborations effortless for your employees no matter where they are located
  • Scale up and expand your business more easily with servers

Servers for Enterprises

Servers make geographical barriers less of a concern for large corporations that want to enable employees to be able to work from anywhere in the country or around the world. For an enterprise, servers make it possible for the workforce to share resources and equipment.

  • With servers, you have higher processing power by storing chunks of data and freeing up memory so that PCs can perform better
  • Scale up by adding users and deploying new applications with lesser effort
  • Have a single place for storing all information which can be accessed only by authorized users.
  • Automated backups on servers make sure you do not lose critical data

Server Management

Making sure that your servers are operating optimally is as important as checking the overall performance of your network. Managing different kinds of hardware, software, and security for the servers helps you ensure smooth running of all systems and your network.

  • Easily start and install software and firmware updates across all systems
  • Use server management for capacity planning and forecast server utilization for higher efficiency
  • Receive alerts to be alerted in the event of a system failure or error
  • Use server management tools to optimize your server for improved efficiency and better operations

Server Security

To make sure your server is protected against hackers, viruses, spyware, and other damaging agents that may want to breach your network, it is important to work on your server security. This involves the use of server security hardening measures.

  • Ensuring that data in transit and data at rest is encrypted
  • Making regular system backups to reduce problems related to data loss
  • Installing firewalls and antivirus software to protect data
  • Keeping all systems and applications updated

Cloud Servers or in-House Servers

Both cloud and local servers have had considerable advantages that make each of them good in their own right. While some consumers are quickly migrating towards cloud others have continued to use their in-house servers.

  • Cloud servers offer higher scalability opportunities while in-house servers are less scalable
  • Arguments for security on both environments are varied. While the cloud can be vulnerable, small businesses with lesser in-house security can benefit from the security measures of big cloud providers like Amazon and Google.
  • While in-house servers need an investment in space and equipment to keep the servers working properly, cloud servers save businesses of such expenses.
  • Updates on cloud servers happen easily and you don’t even have to worry about hardware which is why many businesses are beginning to lean towards cloud.
Frequently Asked Question

01 What kind of warranty can I expect on these products?

As authorized partners, we provide you with branded products that come with their original manufacturer’s warranty.

02 Do you install them for me?

Installation services are offered as a part of our additional services which may involve extra charges. You can email us at- support@itinfracare.com  for questions and queries.

03 How soon do you fulfil orders?

We try to fulfil orders as quickly as possible. If the products are already in stock then you should be able to receive then anytime between 2 to 5 business days. On the other hand, if they are not in stock then we may require additional time which will be promptly communicated by our team with you.

04 Do you offer consulting services for server products?

Yes, you can talk to us or email us for help in determining the right products for your business. We will be happy to provide guidance and advice for the same.