The future of Cloud technologies

Cloud computing is the present, and it has been embraced by enterprises around the world to increase operational efficiency and improve user experiences. With hybrid multi-cloud technologies and architectures becoming a common thing in companies, we are now looking at companies that have moved their workloads to the cloud and continue to have the flexibility of having onsite servers too without worrying too much about vendor lock-ins and high costs on updating existing technologies to stay updated.

We are now looking at edge computing as the future of cloud to make it possible for computation to be performed closer to where data is generated. As more mission-critical applications reach the cloud, automation through artificial intelligence, a variety of tools, and well-designed dashboards become more and more important.

Restore data

Access your data easily from the cloud instead of worrying about on-premise system failures

Define security policies

We can apply given policy templates which can be modified by admins and improve IT security

Manage access for users

Business admins will have the opportunity to give and revoke access as required to the users

Monitor device usage

We set up controls for device usage and help you allow devices and users to access specific applications or files on the cloud

Check user statistics

Use statistics to strengthen your cloud strategies and build the right budget for cloud

Analyze IT health

Through our monitoring services we help you keep an eye on your IT infrastructure ensuringb healthiness of the apps and hardware

Reduce costs

Use cloud solutions to pay only what you use and comfortably scale up or down without vendor lock ins

Encourage mobility

Allow your employees to work from home and even collaborate from across different geographical locations.

Cloud Native Approach

Our cloud native approach focuses on architecting specifically for the cloud. This is becoming increasingly popular among companies who want to eventually move everything on the cloud and increase mobility for their staff.

  • Our staff has worked on several projects with a cloud native approach, which gives them the experience and knowledge for such work
  • Leveraging the cloud helps you increase resource efficiency
  • It gives you the advantage of security and safety extended by cloud service providers like AWS
  • offers higher scalability opportunities
Cloud for SMEs

We’ve helped many SMEs move to a hybrid cloud architecture which involves the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) to improve cost efficiency and provide them with scalable IT infrastructure solutions.

  • Fight challenges like those posed by COVID-19 more effectively by using cloud for team collaborations
  • With higher mobility for your employees, get more work done in less time
  • Use a combination of on-premise and cloud solutions to help employees adapt to new technologies
  • Pay less to start your business and scale up easily and effortlessly with cloud solutions
Cloud for Enterprises

A large number of enterprises have already moved to cloud solutions in one way or another. With cloud offering benefits of higher speed and performance from the IT resources, and better opportunities for business continuity, it only makes sense to use cloud for higher operational efficiency.

  • We have certified architects to help you with the right mix of infrastructure for cloud
  • You can rely on us for quality hardware and applications to work easily and securely on cloud
  • Stay protected against security threats
  • Bring convenience for your employees and clients by easy accessibility of files, applications and projects
Cloud Management

By managing your workloads on the cloud, we ensure higher availability, better efficiency and lower costs. At the same time, we keep an eye on security, by managing role-based access control and conforming with your company’s security guidelines.

  • Our support team offer round the clock help for your cloud products
  • We work with security in mind and use access based controls
  • Higher business productivity with easy access to applications
  • Workload and license reporting for insight into usage
Cloud Monitoring

Get detailed insights on your cloud consumption to analyse patterns and improve resource efficiency. With our cloud monitoring services, you will be able to optimize costs and work towards a reliable budget plan for cloud.

  • Timely reporting
  • Easily compare forecast with actual consumption
  • Get timely reports to alert you when consumption exceeds defined thresholds
  • Know department-wise cloud usage
Cloud Security and Resiliency

Be a step ahead in ensuring that your applications on the cloud are secure. With us, you will have the
benefit of high-security standards and strict adherence to your company’s security and access controls.

  • We have experienced IT professionals who understand security
  • Your business will be safe from unwanted and malicious IT threats
  • Our team will promptly handle security threats to reduce its impact on your business
  • With us, your employees can be assured of having a secure and safe online workspace
Frequently Asked Question

01 How do I know cloud is right for my business?

Every company has its unique requirements with respect to security, performance, and revenue. For some businesses, a complete cloud solution could be effective while for others a hybrid solution makes more sense. An easy way to find out if cloud is right for your business is to identify a small application which can be placed on the cloud and then you can measure efficiency, performance, and returns before moving other workloads to the cloud.

02 What workloads can be moved to cloud?

Based on your industry and company’s requirement there are different types of workloads which can be moved to the cloud. Our team can help you understand which workloads would be more suited for cloud and which ones can continue to be hosted through on-site equipment.

03 Will I have to hire more IT staff to manage cloud?

Yes additional staff will be helpful in ensuring the proper functioning of the cloud applications. We offer cloud management services at competitive costs.

04 How can cloud be cost efficient?

Cloud helps you reduce costs in a variety of ways. Your employees will have to travel less for team collaborations across different branches of your company. Clients can receive files and project updates securely through cloud without having to visit your office. You will be paying only for the consumption which saves you the expenses in products which are not fully utilized or used only for a short period. Cloud also saves you costs of updating old technologies and equipment.

05 What is a cloud strategy?

A cloud strategy is designed to help you transition from your existing IT  infrastructure to an architecture which leans more towards the use of cloud for applications and equipment.