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Mobility becomes the new normal in workplaces

Mobility has become crucial for workplaces now as we find more people working from home and collaborating with team members from different geographic locations. This means laptops have become more common in workplaces than they were about 5 years ago. The pandemic enforced the importance of mobility and has helped many businesses reorient their IT infrastructure for better accessibility to employees no matter where they work from.

As a result, we have found many of our clients coming back to discuss laptops and other portability solutions for workplaces with us. While desktops are still needed for certain businesses where security is of high priority laptops at work are becoming more popular.

Laptops for business

The workforce in many companies has no become highly mobile. More people are working from home now than before and this has made businesses transition from desktops to laptops.

  • Increase operational efficiency by making it possible for your employees to work from anywhere
  • Easily help your workforce collaborate on projects even when they are working from different locations
  • Choose from a wide range of laptops designed for reliable operations and higher durability
  • We have high performing laptops from top brands to meet your business requirements

Customization for laptops

Business laptops and gaming laptops are manufactured with lots of customizations in mind. You will have more options to configure a business laptop according to your requirements.

  • Higher customization options are useful for businesses and gamers who want their laptops to perform better even in extreme scenarios
  • Our team can help you with customizations for your laptops
  • We will guide you to products in which customizations are possible and those that do not offer customization
  • With different types of customization, you may be able to increase the overall life and durability of your Laptop.

Customer Service for laptops

Some manufacturers have dedicated lines for business laptops and may even have additional support available without any cost. We also have an after-sales support team that can help you with additional questions or queries about your Laptop.

  • Easily solve problems you may face with your Laptop by reaching out to the customer services team.
  • Since we sell laptops from trusted brands, customer services are handled by knowledgeable professionals
  • We can help you with after-sales questions related to your Laptop
  • If you reach out to us for help, we will make sure that we can provide a quality customer experience.

Laptops for gaming

Gaming computers require good graphics, excellent sound, and a powerful processor which can easily meet the heavy demands of gamers.

  • All the laptop brands that we stock have excellent options for gamers.
  • You can also choose to customize your Laptop with a better graphics card and higher RAM
  • Other customizations and accessories are also available for gaming laptops
  • We provide after-sales support and extended warranties for laptops as well

Laptops for personal use

Personal use laptops are designed to match varying design sensibilities and different user requirements. Since these laptops are mostly used for entertainment purposes or to pursue a hobby or learn a new hobby, these laptops are built for limited use and the focus is mostly on making the machine look more attractive.

  • Personal use laptops are ideal for users who may not be spending more than a couple of hours on their Laptop
  • These usually come in bright and vibrant colors to match different user preferences
  • We stock quality laptops for personal use with hardware warranty and after-sales support
  • With lots of trusted computer brands to choose from, our company provides reliable products and services for laptops.
Frequently Asked Question

01 I’m not sure which Laptop should I choose. Can you help?

We can help you choose the right products from a wide range of laptops by reputed brands. If you are not sure about your setup then our team will be happy to provide you with complete details of the products and we also offer consultation services for the network and infrastructure setup.

02 Can the laptops be customized?

Yes, customizations are available in terms of the hard drive capacity and the RAM for the laptops. In some cases, customizations may also include the addition of graphics cards. Please call us to discuss customization.


03 Will you be able to help with installation of the products?

No, we do not provide installation services for laptops.


04 What kind of discounts can you offer?

We may have special discounts or promotions from time to time. To learn more about any offers than we may be running at a certain period of time, please email us at support@itinfracare.com.

05 Are the products under warranty?

Yes all the products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. You can easily reach out to us directly for problems that you may face with any of the products when they are in warranty.

06 What is a hardware warranty?

The Hardware Warranty covers the repair. But if repair is not possible, then replacement of any Laptop, PC, Tablet, TFT Monitor, and scanner/printer purchased from us for 1 year from the date of purchase of the Warranty.

07 What is hardware support?

Hardware support includes online and telephonic technical troubleshooting and assistance for setup, along with all fee-based hardware warranty upgrades. Sales of all parts are also included, exclusive of parts bundled with maintenance contracts. This may involve additional costs.