You don’t know that you need it until you need it

When it comes to data recovery, a lot of businesses that we have spoken to, realized about the inefficiency of existing DR and BCP systems only when it failed them. This is why we create Data Recovery and Business Continuity Plans which are practical, effective, and applicable to your IT environments.

Our team will help you get back on your feet and resume services in no time with a solid data recovery and business continuity plan. Once you resume operations, our team will work on the backend to solve problems in the breached location and make sure your network is safe and secure once again.

Threat analysis

A good DR and BCP strategies always begin with proper threat analysis. Threats may include everything from power outages to natural disasters

Handling downtime

Identifying suitable ways of handling downtime and quickly going back online is one of the priorities for all companies

Role assignment

Sound BCPs rely on proper role assignment in the organization to quickly identify the chain of command and substitute plans which deal with different types of threats

Line of communications

A good communication strategy to disseminate information among employees quickly and effectively is always helpful


Your business components will need backups when disaster strikes. Being prepared with data backups, electrical power, and even communications backup is crucial for business continuity

Load balancing

Coping with disaster requires a balanced flow of incoming requests to reduce stress on one set of equipment. This helps in offering redundancy and providing you with continuous application uptime.

Failover solutions

Switching from primary systems to backup systems should happen smoothly and in a timely manner. Our failover solutions are carefully designed with this in mind.

Health monitoring

We always keep an eye on your network and applications health to ensure server availability and proper load distribution

Server Replication

By replicating servers, we help you move to secondary systems quickly while our team works on the breach in the background.

  • Minimizes downtime and helps you reach out to your customers quickly
  • Reduces a state of panic and lowers costs since employees remain productive
  • We can help you identify organizations who can provide such solutions
  • Our team works on updating your firewall and communications to allow access to the secondary systems
Simulation Testing

Effective Business Continuity Planning relies on regular tests which can identify gaps in existing strategies and strengthen the organization’s ability to bounce back from a disaster

  • Tests should be conducted in regular intervals to check for preparedness
  • A lot of security threats can be deterred with regular testing
  • Employees can work with higher awareness when tests are conducted regularly
  • Businesses that conduct simulation tests are in a better position to handle threats
Server backups

Our consulting team identifies solutions which can protect your data in transit and at rest in events of disaster.

  • Our team provides information about certified data centers to help you make the right decision for server backups
  • We look for security and round the clock monitoring of the data centers to reduce problems in backup services
  • Data encryptions are considered to reduce breach or theft
  • We work on compression and deduplication of data to help you reduce the amount of data stored in the backup servers.
Backup for desktops and laptops

When workstations lose data, you may end up losing days of operation time if the data has to be recovered and applications and utilities have to be installed on them once again.

  • Our DR and BCP consulting team identifies appropriate measures taken for backing up workstations.
  • Reduce downtime and get back to your customers with the least impact on business and revenue
  • We help you identify cost efficient solutions for backing up desktops and laptops
  • You can choose to backup specific workstations or have site wide workstation backup
Cloud backup

Cloud backup systems have gained considerable popularity in recent years because of the quickness with which you can resume services through this solution.

  • Convenient recovery of server data and applications
  • Helps employees resume services and remain productive
  • Ensures that your customer experiences do not suffer extensively
  • The backups can be managed through the console and can include everything from files, documents, workstations and applications
Frequently Asked Question

01 Why do I need regular DR and BCP testing?

Technologies changes continuously and testing is the best way to find out if your business is resilient when it comes to complicated hacker attacks and undue system failures.

02 Is there a difference between DR and BCP?

Business Continuity Plan is often seen as the bigger strategy which encompasses Disaster Recovery in it. Both are responsible for ensuring your business suffers the least losses in events of a disaster.

03 How often will you conduct the testing?

Testing can be conducted annually or bi-annually based on the rate at which your business embraces new changes. Testing may also be conducted when your IT infrastructure undergoes major overhauls.

04 How soon can I expect my services to be up and running?

Depending on the extent of the disaster it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours for your services to be back online.

05 How can this affect my consumers?

A good DR and BCP strategy is focused on reducing impacts on the customer side as much as possible. Sometimes you consumers may not realize at all that there was a blip in your services.